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Hi everyone! I talked to Austin Peckenpaugh (Senior Designer) about Commandos and Mercenaries and their situation in PvP right now, and he had this to say:

I think it's fair to say that Mercenaries and Commandos have escape issues. Admittedly, they can be very hard to catch when used correctly to hug corners, but a lot of that "escapability" falls aside when attacked by multiple melee enemies, at which point they just aren't quite tough enough to sustain without further escapes. We have plans for the future that should give Mercenaries and Commandos better escapes in PvP.
"Escapes" don't seem to gel with the whole heavy armor bounty hunter/commando lore. I don't want to be stealth. Besides the fact that "escaping" wont help my team accomplish objectives any better even if it does save my life for the time being. Let me also point out that "escaping will hurt dps on an already sub-par class. Look at snipers for guidance (ranged dps class just like us). They have much better defensive abilities that also make them immune to interrupts AND being jumped to by mele.

I'm sorry Allison, but Merc/Commando's problem isn't just "when multiple mele attack". We are also the weakest 1v1 class in the game by a long shot. I really think you need to explain to Austin that an escape ability is not bring to bring us back in line. The whole AC needs an overhaul. As many have said before "there is no reason to bring a Mercenary on a ranked PVP team". This is very upsetting considering the time spend grinding 100 valor and gear.

Problem#1) All our dps is tied around Tracer Missile/Grav Round which is too susceptible to interrupts. We can be easily shut down by many classes without being able to do the same to any other classes.

Problem#2) Survivability. When the Knock-back of Rocket Punch was removed in 1.4 it got even worse than it was before. PLEASE ask Austin to make Rocket-Punch a Knockback WITH a root attached. This would help our survivability SO MUCH. Please also see all the threads in Merc forums about this since 100% of mercenaries agree this is what Rocket-Punch should do.

Problem#3) Burst DPS. It's mediocre. This really hurts our survivability as well. Making Heatseeker Missile a little stronger and having it auto-crit when specced into it like so many other DPS abilities would go very far in helping us.