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I do pvp in a ranked setting, probably not as often as I should admittedly. But mercs are the jack of all trades masters of none. I like those sorts of classes tbh. Most of the "Best dpsers" can not heal at all, and in pvp a dps merc tossing a soft heal or two can really throw off an enemy team to the point they mark you as a healer and leave your healer alone.

Like I said, I don't see a problem but that is just my PoV you are entitled to yours.

I will never advocate against a free buff but I like that I'm one of the few Mercs in pvp anymore, makes me feel special.
Video or it didn't happen. Sorry but it's so easy to make claims and frankly I think you're a liar or an extrodinary player who is wasted on the class because the class sucks out loud in the DPS role. Sorry if that seems harsh but I see this crap in the PVP forums all the time. Healing in DPS spec is more or less contraindicated from the ammo cost vs low return and that doesn't change the fact that the second you are spotted in arsenal spec any competent player will shut you down completely. Everything in the tree is too tied to Grav Round/Tracer Missile which is too easily shutdown by anyone with an interrupt.

Honestly any of the tank classes play the jack of all trades game way way better than we do. Taunts are useful irregardless of spec and I guarantee you can get more protection on a tank class running a DPS spec than you can heal as a healing class in DPS spec, at the cost of 0 time since taunts aren't even on the GCD. All while topping the DPS charts (Smash Jugg/Pyro PT) or being one of the best 1v1 classes in the game (Hyrbid Shadow).
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