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I don't see the problem with Merc/Commandos. Ive played a Mercenary since day 1, it was my first 50, it is still my main. I do fine as a dps merc, albeit I am arsenal specced where as most people prefer pyrotech.

If you can get a healer, or a tank to keep you alive you can kill enemy tanks/healers and dpsers very very quickly as an arsenal merc due to the fact that you reduce armor, deal tech dmg and can hit 2-3 attacks before they even know what hit them.

I have also played a pyrotech and I have to say I enjoy it but not as much as my arsenal. And to the lack of U-T-I-L-I-T-Y as stated previously.

You can make combustible gas cylinders slow the enemy for as long as it is applied which means mercs get a permaslow essentially not sure how that isn't considered utility. Let alone they do massive AoE dmg in all specs besides healing.
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