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Guild Name: First Knowledge

Guild Website:

Server: The Progenitor [Republic]

What makes your guild stand out?
First Knowledge has existed since pre-launch, first on the Trask Ulgo server, and now on The Progenitor. Our aim has always been to follow Star Wars Lore as much as possible. I think every Role-Play guild wants to stay true to existing lore, but our goal is to create our own actual position in the Star Wars Galaxy.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:
Because First Knowledge offers the actual Star Wars experience you see in the movies, from being chosen as a Padawan by a Knight/ Master of the Jedi Order to training your own. To commanding a squad of troopers in the harsh desert they call Tatooine.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?
First Knowledge is a Republic guild, with a Force Ranking System as well as a military branch. We accept all classes, lore-friendly species, and have a fairly strict set of rules. But in compensation we offer the full package of Star Wars to our guildies, both in-game and on our website, where we host our own Jedi Archive.
Dutch | Jedi Knight | Guardian | The Republic
First Knowledge - European RP Guild