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lol only thing killing regular warzones are the masses of bads.
The problem is, bads will never get better if their first (and almost certainly only) WZ they get rolled by fully aug'd WH premades on teamspeak. The under-50 WZs do little to prepare the 'bad' for the facestomping Biofail has decreed he or she must submit to for a week or more just to have BM gear. True, you learn from failure, but the amount and magnitude of fail that this game requires you to submit to in order to learn (and, as importantly, gear up) is a little too steep.

Sadly, the facestompers seem to be a majority of the surviving PvP population - many of them have 49 uber-twinks just so they can continue to not face actual competition. But it's ok, bad n00bs are what are causing the mass unsubs right?