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Hmm... if memory serves me right, then the original plague, transmitted trough the Force by the Muur Talisman, only affected humans and a select few other species. That's why Zane's sidekick Gryph didn't turn, despite not being force sensitive.
But, if he would have been bitten, he would have turned, right?

Ok, looking at it from the other end:
If we permit other c-canon sources, then Taris eventualy got resettled at some point during the next 4 millenia. So either the republic got on top of the Rakghouls eventualy, or the problem somehow went away by itself.
Any ideas?
Since you are so adamant to rule out conventional methods , what unconventional methods come to mind?
Gotta go with you here. Everything you've said made sense, and I too would like to see what would happen.
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