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I re-specced post-1.4, as the changes are good (for me at least).

I'm now using this set up, and I have to say it's going amazingly well for me in comparison to a pure-spec from any of the 3.

Healing I had low damage, not enough self-heal to survive a confrontation. Low Force regen abilities. Very limited.
Lightning I had to stand still way too long. Too long activation times led to moderate damage output, and very low healing.
Madness was my favoured one. High damage output, lots of maneuverability, moderate healing available. High Force regen also.

Switching to the new Hybrid build I have up there^ has made me generate high damage and moderate healing, with endless Force power thanks to the Madness/Sith Efficacy combination.

2 insta-cast heals, Innvervate, Static Barrier, Overload, Electrocute, Whirlwind, Force Slow, Force Speed (which removes, and provides immunity to CC effects for the duration) and endless Force Lightning/Force Regen = a ***** of a challenge to catch and kill.

Also made me more durable in fights, less focused, and way more of a challenge for enemies to kill. Most of the time I either out-last them, or they run away and choose another target.

Do have to say I'm enjoying most of the changes in 1.4 (especially the new Fadeout effect, giving Force Speed CC ummunity).
ok im really not trying to be a jerk, but imho, that spec is horrid :/ you didnt get dark mending? or reserves? or dark resilience? or sith purity? if you arnt using sith purity all the damn time, then you should learn to! so manythings can be purged to prevent damage! it is a healing MUST! mara bleeds, sorc dots, slows, some roots, mind maze or anything else of the sort can all be purged by a healing sorc! if you dont use your purge in general imho you are just bad