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A full corruption Sorcerer should use two pieces from the PVE set with WH mods/enhancements.

Firstly expertise is less influential on healing as you know, so you can suffer a small drop in expertise (especially given it's diminishing returns in full WH).

So take the extra willpower (better than power for healers) and endurance (for survivability) from the PVE set pieces, and get the 2/5 bonus to reduce innervate's casting time. I may even recommend a WH relic with defense on it, in addition to an augmented matrix cube.

Lastly I think surge should be capped out for a healer-specced Sorc for the high percentage of crits an innervate yields after a resurgence. Whether full corruption or hybrid-with-heals Innvervate is basically your bread and butter.

Sorc healers benefited most from 1.4 to be sure. I am finding them much more difficult to kill, particularly if there are two giving each other reach-arounds. Myself I'll still be madness because I like having fun.

Addendum: Spec into your purge and use it. There's no reason to spend two points on reducing consumption and buffing the self-heal. Your bonus healing should be high enough to make the new self-heal jib good enough already. Purge is necessary in pvp and it's also a nice instant self-heal to boot.
I was considering something like this mostly for survivability (I spam purge on CD :P) and some crowd control, padded by a little more range for lightning to keep up the force regen, and that 2 seconds extra lockout for those heals that really are important that they need be stopped. Perhaps I can take the 2 points out of madness (will of the sith) and put them else where but I couldn't see anything extremely important.

But I agree with the PvE armor mods, I do the same for 2/4 PvP and 2/4 PvE.