Thread: [Artifice] Pruple, and Pristien ceystals
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10.11.2012 , 10:36 PM | #3
I know they are not BoE anymore, you guys need to bring them back to BoE though, or make it to were we can by them in the +41 crit, endurance, cunning so on.instead of just the black purple crystal, you should of had more options with it. regular color with the +41 with more choses than just expertease. The game could of done more with the purple crystals than just one kind and that is it.

With the Pristine adegan crystals, yes they are rare, just way to rare, 2 hours for a spwan rate is way to much, I can see an hour but not 2, and even than for a crafting Item that is pushing it. I am just saying, but you do need to add more purple crystals in game with more choices than what you have.