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Right, I'll throw in my perspective as well.


Story: Not that bad actually. You promoted the more you progress through it which is nice, because basically it is the only sort of appreciation you get for doing your "good deeds" to the galaxy. You actually get the feeling that you are a special forces squad leader set out to crush the Empire.

Companions: JUST awful, I mean.. they are the worst you can imagine. A cat, a bug and a lizard. However! Elora has some great voiceacting and the fact ((SPOILER)) that she is a former Imperial actually makes it interesting to shove gifts down her throat to learn more about her while the rest of the zoo is arguing aboard your ship.

Ending: GOOD! You get recognition for all the work you have done by the entire republic! In the end, you stand out as a hero.

Flaws: Apart from the pointless arguing and emotional disturbances between your companions there is but 1 major thing I noticed. IF you chose to be a good soldier, follow orders and do what is best for the republic you end up DARK SIDE. That's right. If, however, you let your emotions interfere, put NPC's before the mission and disobey direct orders you end up as lightside. ......... I don't get it, but thats how it is.

Bounty Hunter

Story: 1 word! BORING. As appealing to some as it may seem "The Great Hunt" is WAY overrated and not so great in the end and more or less you end up giving the same response to every. It's so lame that it made me laugh. "You're never gonna kill me". 2 hours later "I just did". You basically go assassinating everyone in your way and in the end, all you get is Mandalore saying "Nice".

Companions: None of them found my interest. Not a single one was able to contribute with something which could catch my interest.

Ending: I'm not even sure if I should write ((spoiler)) here, because it is very predictable. You end up killing everyone who got in your way. Then you drive off into the sunset looking for more to get in your way so you can eventually kill them.

Flaws: None that I can mention, actually. Then again, this isn't a deep plot nor a very interesting story.

Imperial Agent

Story: I can see why most James Bond fanatics would love this, and the storyline is very intriguing. This was the first plot where I found myself continuously playing and at one part rushing class quests only because I wanted to see what happens. As much as I hate to say this, it was actually good. Most importantly, the choices you make actually MATTER! Ho ho, a little of ME2 here!

Companions: You get an anarchist, a werewolf doctor, a bug, a force sensative...... and the evil computer from Portal in a robotic form with fat thighs. Put them all together in a room and you actually have something kind of interesting. It may sound as the start of a bad joke, but digging into these companions does have some minor thrills. One thing that pissed me off in particular, was that you weren't able to send the force sentative with a annoying voice away. By far the least interesting of all the companions. There should be a option such as: "Oh you are force sensative, are you? And in the Imperial Military? Not a chance, I am deporting your *** back to Koribaan where you belong".

Ending: Bioware is known for making disappointing endings, and for those that chose to play Dark Side, this one will be no different. The lightside will however give you everything you worked so hard for. Some may argue that indirectly the dark side does give you all of this as well, but my argument here is "MORE SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOWN THEN". A bunch of disappointed NPC's on a cruiser isn't what I expected. I truely belived that Jadus would make an appearance or at least give a comment.

Flaws: You are constantly on the search for questions on who is double-crossing who, what are the cells up to, who you can trust etc, but so few of these become answered :/ You are left with a lot of unanswered questions which the ending wont provide for you.

Jedi Knight

Story: Somewhat decent if you can handle dealing with teenage NPC's all around you. It does have a few good moments, but it also has many where you think "Why can't I make another decision here???"

Companions: A bunch of emotionally disturbed teenagers and a stupid wannabe R2D2 and you get no options to execute them.

Ending: Satisfying. After all, you do a lot of things but I have to say one thing. You want the DARKSIDE ending to avoid a cliche, it will also make the storyline SO.... MUCH....MORE intriguing, fun and interesting!

Flaws: Satele shan. This stupid NPC will get on your nerves every time and prove how hypocritical and degenerate most Jedi decisions are. Not only that, you are not even able to tell her to S T F U and G T FO for being the bítch that she is.