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May Comrades old and new seek glory for the day

SERVER: Red Eclipse
MEMBERS: 300(Alts not counted in this total & in actives kicked at 70+ days)
FOCUS: PvE (with social/fun PVP)
EVENTS : 7 a week
LOCAL: BST/GMT+1 (although we have players on the continent also)


We are a tight knit guild, with focus on PVE, social and light hearted events, that's not to say we aren't serious when it counts, we have structured ranks and a guild charter, we have at least 3 OPS events a week (and others planned most days)

We do have a few small but important prerequisites:
  • You are willing to take part in some guild events
  • You are willing to log onto a TS3 server (even if just to listen)
  • You are a sociable

We originally formed in SWG in around 2004 , and have a few from back in the start, but mostly we are just a friendly bunch looking for new members to join our family !

we look forward to hearing from you
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