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Species: Human
Name: Ravna Stratos
Codename (Optional): Mystic
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Facial appearance: Smal scar above left eye brow from padawan sparring accident. Red hair
Allegiance: Jedi Order
Profession: Jedi Sentinel
Garments: Orange robes
Primary Weapon: Orange lightsaber
Secondary weapon(s): green guard shoto
Miscellaneous item(s) (Optional): Holorecorder, Holo communicator,
Personality (Optional): Kind and nurturing to her allies. Highly intelligent. A problem solver. Calm and collected

Background: Ravna Stratos, daughter of Helvec Stratos and Myra Albrok, was born on Coruscant. But when it was discovered she was force sensitive she was sent to Tython for training. Her abilities were much like her fathers, manifesting quickly. She has become a guiding voice to younger members of the order, her ability to keep calm and rely on her intellect, make her gaining a potential padawan very likely. She knows very little of her family and once she makes friends with someone will be blindly loyal.