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Corruck looked through records of possible employees. He picked out a bounty hunter duo, by the names of Zero and Meanken. He sent out the same message that he had sent to Kaddo. He then saw that the Jedi candidate had entered the ship. he walked down to the Hangar. Welcome master jedi. I hear that the Republic sent you to try and make us help you in your war.
Mean saw the message "Ah, criptic messages, how I miss those from imperial intelgence

"I do like knowing more about who I work for.....but it doesen't hurt to check it out."

"And if this is a trap to kill us?"

"you always say that, if we ran into traps even 10% of the time you said it was a trap, we would already be dead. come on, let's go" Zero hit the corrnates for the fleet, and the ship took off