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On the ship of Meanken and Zero.....


"Yes, that right. scream. scream for me!"


Zero tryed her best to icnore the screams. she had become much more used to this kind of thing after the two had left the empire. still, she never enjoyed this kind of thing. Mean walked out of the room, the man's head in his hand, and turned on the holocom, a hutt appearing

"Oh, my favoite bounty hunters."

"Your head." Mean held it out

"Wonderfull. and the recording?"

"One recording of a man's extremly painfull dieing moments, as you requested." mean uploaded the recording to the hutt

"Exelent. the money has been transfered. spend it all in one place, prefably a place I own" the hutt hung up

"Got the next job yet?"

"No, I put out the usuall notices saying we are looking for work, hopefully someone calls soon"