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My Trooper is Kurus Therumbras, named after Cyrus the Great (King of Persia) and Ferumbras, one of the Paladins of Charlemagne. He's the son of a Duke, heir to his house's throne, who volunteered for military service because it is was the honorable thing to do - hence, he's named after a renowned emperor and a european knight.

My Jedi Knight Kyril was named for the Russian name "Kiril", from the Greek word "Kyrios" meaning "Lord".

My Sniper was named Velikaya, which is the femenine form of "The Great", again in Russian, because I wanted a good female name for a Sniper. Since the most famous women snipers were Russian soldiers during WWII, I picked a Russian name - Eventually I went to "Catherine the Great" (A Russian Empress) for which the nickname was "Velikaya" (The Great).

I swear that the greco/russian theme naming was unintentional.

My Sith Sorcerer is a weasely little man with asiatic features named Ming. I created him after I realized there's a "The Merciless" title. Draw your own conclusions ;D