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10.03.2012 , 01:52 AM | #28
HK-51.... finally aim will be useful!

(I'm kidding Hunters, I'm kidding)

The new daily area doesn't really wow me, Belsavis, Illum, and the BHD have been too easy to interest me in doing them outside of comms and even then it's not that good for BH comms (6/week oh joy). I might actually find the new daily/weekly are interesting if it involved some hard fights, having EoT soloable by most classes means it's not something that really says "here's a challenge."

The new World Boss looks fun, especially since I've stopped doing Nightmare Pilgrim - after getting Coral + Boots = why botther?

But the idea of a world boss that we get to transform via beating it... I like that

So it's a "drouk," that's the same species as Zorn & Toth - hopefully it will put up as much of a fight as the 16-man HM EC. If it can be 8 manned I'll be
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