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So here is the third installment of An in-depth look. The previous two seemed to do fairly well so I think I'll continue the series with an in-depth look at Sidious' death.

There's been some grumblings around the forums about this topic. The usual thing I hear is "If this guy's so powerful, how'd he get killed by a half dead man?". So I thought I would shed some light on the subject using this forum series. I will also cover Sidious' final death as well.
So let's put ourselves in Sidious' shoes.

Sidious was the most powerful being in the galaxy. His Empire spanned the entire galaxy and he had crushed the Jedi Order underfoot. His mighty Death Star was almost complete. He had an entire legion of his best troops planet-side to destroy the insignificant rebel forces that planned on destroying the shield generator. His Imperial Fleet was about to crush the insignificant Rebel fleet that dared to stand against him. And here was the son of Skywalker, writhing in pain. The last of the Jedi was about to fall to the Sith. He would make sure Skywalker suffered at his hand. The Emperor was invincible and no one could touch him.

But he failed to realize that the same emotion he used to turn Anakin to the Dark Side would be his undoing. Darth Vader's love for his son gave him the strength to turn away from the Dark Side and destroy the Sith. Caught completely unaware by this treachery, the Emperor is hurled into a reactor shaft and, within seconds, his body is destroyed. His overconfidence was his weakness.

But this wasn't the end of the mighty Darth Sidious. The great Sith Lord had one last card to play. Hidden away, a secret cloning lab held several clones of the Emperor. His energy then transferred to one of these bodies and the once dead Sith Lord returned with more power than ever. By the time the Emperor returned to the galactic stage, the son of Skywalker had become a Jedi Master with power that would rival the Sith Lord. But even Luke Skywalker could not stop the ultimate manifestation of the Dark Side and it would take some time for the jedi to defeat him. Their final confrontation would see the end of Darth Sidious. When his body was destroyed by Han Solo, his spirit attempted to possess the newborn Anakin Solo, only to be intercepted by the dying Empatojayos Brand. His spirit bound to the dying Jedi could only curse the Skywalker's as his spirit was dragged to the depths of the Force. Darth Sidious was dead.

As the epitome of the Rule of Two and the greatest Sith Lord to exist, Darth Sidious commanded the Dark Side like none before him and will always be remembered as the greatest Sith Lord to ever exist. But how did he die? His spirit was 'stuck', lor lack of a better word, with Brand. There was nothing more he could do as the process of essence transfer could not be stopped. Beforehand he would transfer to clone bodies, but the rest of his clones were gone. The clones had no personality- no essense- to re-write, allowing easier possession. But the possession of a living subject would require time and since Brand didn't have that kind of time, his spirit was taken with Brand's into the depths of the Force.

I hope this clears things up for those of you who maybe didn't see it this way. And for those who did know about all of this, I hope it was an interesting read.

If anyone has any suggestions for a future thread, feel free to message me.
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