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How about enabling the new moods? It's a longshot, and none of them seem perfect but perhaps Alarmed, Awed, Discomforted, or Meditative is on the right track.

As for the "only what you take with you" thoughts, has anyone dragged any mobs into the cave?

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Is there any in game item that gives you a buff that keeps you warm, that anyone can get at any point of the game?
I'm not so sure this is on the right track, but nothing should be discounted when brainstorming. The closest I can think of is the Cold Weather Equipment you receive when first arriving on Hoth (though I only received this on one of four toons, my BH I believe). It increases Elemental resistance by 10% for an hour (nice right). Torhead shows a stack of 10 but I only received 1.
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