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09.28.2012 , 05:28 PM | #11
I guess with an aoe heal to cast it is harder to fit in Purges. But a lot of certain A/C's damage comes from dots that can be Purged.

I encourage people to play how they want. If you like that playstyle more power to you. Just know you are gimping your survival tremendously. My motto is, you can't heal if you're dead. And if any one A/C takes the most damage, and gets targeted the most, it is us sorcerers. It is your job to avoid damage like a fiend, because just one smash could be your life. Without a 5s aoe root and a 3s aoe stun every 17-20s, your ability to stop damage before it happens is minimized greatly. Your aoe heal certainly doesn't help you out when you have 2-3 dps ripping into you. You need tools to get away and stop damage from happening.

At least try my way and see how it goes. When you are pressured hard, you will see the benefits.