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I have a few friends with a similar setup to you, and it must be more fun to play, but I personally think you make too many sacrifices to get there. It's no exaggeration to say that revivification usually provides 50% of my healing in a WZ. It's excellent for use when you're casting consumption too. Similarly, losing those 7 points in Lightning is quite a sacrifice - 20% less effective bubble, and losing the 9% force reduction cost of healing (although the part I snipped from your quote, explains that your hardly need that with madness). Theyíre some rather painful concessions.

I do completely agree that 1.4 has been great for us though. I initially groaned when I saw the knockback change, but even that has turned into a bonus. Now it's instant, it's far more controllable. But mostly, like you say, Fadeout is incredible. What a difference. Melee classes are suddenly far less potent against us.

I do realise that there's a trend for every single advanced PvP healer spec, to move away from getting your AOE at the top of the tree in favour of damage trees. I've always taken the opinion, however, that we aren't built for solo action in WZs. Our biggest responsibility is to keep our specialised dmg dealing friends alive, who will be much more effective at dealing damage than our handicapped hybrid could ever be. Our biggest contributor towards a damage score is in the maintenance of our team mateís output, not in directly pitching in ourselves.

Clearly this overly simplifies the situation Ė contributing to a spike in Alderaan to clear a node before the respawn, and similarly in Voidstar, is massively important; but Iíve always believed there are more situations that benefit from a full heal spec, than donít.

Finally, your point on sith purity is well made, but just brings up the problem, where do you get the point from to afford it? I completely agree itís needed, but, in case you haven't followed the changes (which aren't yet updated in the skill tree I linked) fadeout now removes all movement impairing effects when force sprint is activated, and force sprint is, of course, now on a much shorter cooldown.
That was a well thought out post. To answer your very last question first, I drop both points from Haunting Presence. This lets me take Sith Purity, and place a point in Life Surge. I would recommend you do this as you get a lot of bang for each of those points spent in this way. You can afford to do this because Haunting Presence's 2% healing over an entire game is measly. Do the math and see for yourself. That is the best way to test things.

You should be using Purge basically on cooldown. You said you found yourself barely using it. Whenever you or a team mate is being targeted undoubtedly there are things you can Purge off yourself or others. So do this a lot.

As far as not going 31 pts into Corruption goes, Revivification is extremely situational and takes time to cast. It is sort of a no-brainer at this point. You take the last 6-7 points in the Corruption tree and instead place them into the Lightning tree (with all your other points) where you gain the best survival tools available, period. I won't bother to list all of the talents and how great they are. Surely you can handle that but if you need clarification just ask.

Also it does not make sense to put points into the madness tree as you just gain more dps.