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I'm quite surprised that we didn't get a reset, as there are some significant changes to our tree. How has everybody been dealing with this?

Fadeout and Dark Resilience seem unmissable now, for PvP at least, and Force Surge seems skippable.

Skill Tree

Sith Purity has fallen by the wayside, but I found myself only using it sparingly anyway.

How have others been dealing with the change?
You talk about Fadeout and Dark Resilience in regards to PvP. You don't specify whether you want advice on a pvp or pve spec though.

If indeed you want advice on a pvp spec, you would never drop sith purity ever. You should never spec 31 pts into corruption. You should really just hit up a sticky or do some searching as you are basically playing a pve spec in pvp. You need a lot of help with your spec and how to play it properly.