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Did we see Yoda's body suffer massive deterioration from massive force feats, no we did not. There is a reason for this, while Palpatine was still able to augment himself to move incredibly quickly in Episode III, that didn't change the fact his body suffered some serious damage; damage that Yoda did not suffer.

While the darkside may be quicker and easier, it also seems to carry a terrible price for the wielder from a physical standpoint.
Shouldn't a detoriating body be a plus for a dark-sider? Especially with ones like Sion or Sidious who have been known to channel pain into rage.
Hapan: "This creature has information that could lead us to a woman who has been kidnapped. We will get that information."
Luke: "This woman is a citizen of the New Republic, and if you do not take your hands off her, I will take your hands off you."