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I've been trying to find an up to date calculator for a while and I couldn't so I did a little digging. What I found wasn't pretty: TOR is no longer supported by any major website. Doesn't have up to date calculators and hasn't had them since June. Most items are still from beta. Most items don't have any comments. And the forums are pretty much a ghost town. They haven't even mentioned 1.4 support. Not to mention this site is still in Beta and it's been like 9 months. The top 2 pieces of news on swtor spy are "Why SWTOR failed" and "SWTOR - The End" the latter basically saying the site runners are going into maintenance mode and only because they invested a lot into the site. They haven't had an update since late April going by the change logs. I guess that says it all. This site is really awesome and it's still being updated. But the content is almost non existent. It's a great site for companion related content but otherwise it's just news and aggregates information from other sites. There's almost no comments on many of their posts and the ones that do have any feedback are less than 4 comments each. This is the only site I think that is pushing out content seriously. And imo it's the best website out there for TOR. The content they are pushing shows they still care about the game. Unfortunately they like swtorface have almost no community. But that could change if one day BioWare somehow brings this game back from the brink.

However if anyone knows a great website that is still active post it here. I'm done with TOR anyway but for those that read this it'd be cool for them.