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This is talk of EAWare always talking about this and that "Coming Soon™" when they don't deliver weeks/months after what they've talked about. Don't you think it's about time they either put up or shut-up with the content teases?
Your expectations are unrealistic. Why?

Because it's pretty normal behavior for MMOs to be honest. They tell you about future content. Some of it comes, some of it does not come. And they NEVER give you calander commitments until the content is done and pretty much ready for patching.

And there is a reason for it. I know people like to pretend from the comfort of their arm chair that content is just a few lines of code here and there and a simple regression test and release. Fact is they are one of the most complex types of gaming software there is.
Negativity achieves nothing positive or productive. It's hostile and it reveals a persons true character. It's a useless and miserable way to spend one's time, IMO ... but some people like being miserable I guess. This is true in real life and it is true inside MMOs.