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Too back Eillack and Urael, that some of us like TUXs and I beg to differ.
Your post is too Soon()!!

This should be closed and reopened on Dec 22 2012 IF nothing has changed.

All this talk of greed, etc., etc.

We don't have all the data. We don't KNOW what is going on inside EAware.

Ask TUXs, I have posted that EAWare has a MAJOR communications and PR problem. They don't even know how to write clearly. Just 3 or 4 words added to their announcement about this last round of mergers would have quelled the freaking firestorm that erupted (see the Server Consonidation thread post number 311 ).

I just think that at this time your Doom!!() post is too Soon!!().

Are you still having fun playing the game? If so don't worry be happy!