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Let's Take a Trip Down a Sinking Ship Memory Lane...

EA Investor Calls In early January, this game was reported to have sold more than 2mil copies and had 1.7mil subs. Later in March was reported by EA investor calls to have 1.3mil subs. Finally, on July 31st, 2012, EA investor calls revealed this game had over 500k subs but less than 1mil (very vague response). The July 31st investor call was made prior to the end of players' 6 month subs.

Game Updates The Rise of the Rakghouls Game Update was released on January 18, 2012—29 days after official release of SWTOR (36 days after day 1 of EGA).

On April 12, 2012—87 DAYS after 1.1—Legacy was finally released.

On June 26, 2012—68 DAYS after 1.2—Allies was finally released.

Unfortunately, this patch was also more feature-heavy than it was content-heavy. So honestly, we really haven't really received much new content if you still want to count the RWZs (which are still stuck in its "Pre-season") and that lackluster Chevin Conglomerate World Event.

As for Terror From Beyond... Coming Soon™! 88+ DAYS and counting from 1.3...

Lack of Communication in July .

Finally, somewhere in mid-June, EAWare implemented character transfers, created these "super-servers".

On September 18, 2012, these mega-servers were created.

James Ohlen even said content would be rolling out monthly after 1.2, and now they're saying post-F2P we'll be getting something EVERY 6 weeks? .

No REAL content has been delivered since 1.2. It seems like EAWare is making its current PAYING player-base wait on F2P content because all they care about currently is THEIR upcoming influx of new players.
Amazing post!!! Fantastic summary...thank you for taking the time it had to take to organize it all. Snipped a lot for space, but I kept the points that, when typed out, paint a perfect picture of SWTORs "development".

The highlighted yellow part is the one I want to comment on in particular. You're right. They take the measly few thousand players who pay for granted. If we haven't left by now, why do they care what we think? They have a pool of 2 MILLION+ people they're targeting, not a few thousand who are actually PAYING...obviously we don't want/need **edit** because we're ALREADY here...we'll be happy with ANYTHING right?! Why cater to us instead of the 2 MILLION+?

Greed, arrogance and ignorance, that's what's dooming this game.
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