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This is exactly what happened with Warhammer Online.

There were at least THREE occasions where WAR could have been turned around, and all were ignored or taken in a disasterous direction (under Mythic EA, Bioware-Mythic EA and then Bioware EA) to a back drop of swingeing development cuts from late Beta onwards.

F2P is SWTORs last chance, they have to do something other than stick it in maintance-mode and try to milk it.
Soluss (who sadly doesn't post because he probably unsubbed ) posted a thread which stated they may be discussing to try and milk their subscribers already. /shrug

This does not look pretty from what Soluss posted. Looks extremely valid and he may be correct, considering that EAWare will now take more control of this game since the BioWare docs have retired—and like I've said before... "Or so it seems."