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OP accept the game isnt for you and move on, blatently lieing about the game doesnt give your post any credibility. Your comments are far to opinionated, biased and with false information for it to stand up to any decent discussion. Unfortunatly its childish posts like this that are holding up the game improving because BW are listening to the vocal few instead of the majority who are playing the game.

BTW the game is still hugely succesful, and Ive been very happy with the content thats been added, id like it to be more frequent and more depth, but in a years time we will see a very different game, much improved and a lot more content.
If you think I'm lying about the server add-ons and population decline; if you think I'm lying about the decrease in subscriptions since January; if you think I'm lying about the delay of RWZs; if you think I'm lying about the delay of patch 1.1; oh boy, you've got another thing coming.

If you're going to stay ignorant and not realize that this game has been sinking for a long while now, then I pity you.

I have provided more links in the above post!