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I'm sorry but I had a hard time getting past the first paragraph. Inflated numbers? Based on what information? What do you have that proves their numbers were lower than what they said they were? Yes I finished reading and while some points are valid you simply throw out conjecture as fact and then refer back to your own unproven statements as if they were already confirmed facts. Show me a link proving they lied about their numbers.

Maybe if you said TORtanic a few more times like you're the first person to ever say maybe it might drive home your point another six feet into the ground.

I remember legacy being a flop? Well according to you every single thing they have done so far has been tainted and/or worthless so you think maybe you are seeing things with dung colored glasses?
These numbers were inflated because of the "one month extra sub" EAWare gave to the community during 1.2 and for the game's retail box. Here you go and here you go. The EA investor calls made these sub reports BEFORE these free months ended for those that were still subscribed but were not playing.

I never exactly stated EAWare has done so far is tainted and/or worthless. Please quote me on that if I've said that in the OP. Also, if you think a lot of what I've said is nothing but subjective then boy, you got another thing coming. I did a lot of research on this and I have provided links to prove many of this factual information! That is why a lot (NOT ALL) of this is objective.