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09.24.2012 , 03:46 AM | #6
Yes, Yet again a game company tells us how 'excited' they are and how much they 'care' about the community. I was on a dying sever, that died. I could log on and be the only person on a planet.

I rang, emailed and posted on the forums, but NEVER, not once got any official response. No information, or explanation to what was being done. To make matters worse I had to sit back and watch other people enjoy new content.

I have been, like others a long time supporter of these game companies, and I expected better.

So, why don't I leave? To be honest, there is nothing out there, if there was a game released that was decent I would be off.

But to give them credit, they still took my money every month, they give me a dismal service, but made sure they took the cash.

No apologies, no recognition and just feel like they could not care less about the same gamer's who have supported them for years.

Disappointed gamer (as per normal!)

*** Character transfer - took way too long to be introduced, should have been in since release or soon after.***