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The biggest thing they did was cater to the casual gamers. Making the game to easy on pve aspect screwed them when it came to end game. Far to easy for players to burn threw. Pvp wise they fuked with world pvp. Not enough mix of players crossing. Orgin planets I get, all the other planet should of had major flow of action if players crossed Paths. Illum well that speaks for itself. Warzones are fine but they lack large scale warzones. Limit of 8 Players per side??? Really is that all they can manage? I was pumped for this game an enjoy the hell out of it when I was sub.

I did NOT unsub because of the price. Game as a whole is worth the monthly fee if the add on to it as promised and fixed it up as they went. I have moved on to another mmo, an I don't believe I'll be coming back even when it's free. EA is a company that has ruined many other game in which I enjoyed in the past until they merged or bought them. Today those games are still being made but now they are cheap an dumb. An I have a good feeling that ToR is going to suffer the same fate.
Let's put warhammer guy (don't recall the name) in charge, you know he did so well with the mmo warhammer. It's a shame this game has turned out to be just like Swg. I'm not certain which one was a bigger failure at this point.
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