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09.24.2012 , 01:15 AM | #2
I see your points however, I cant leave this game, like with SWG I'm always pulled back.

I just don't find the grass any greener anywhere else.

I un-subbed but I'm back after trying other MMO's and to be honest I'm glad I came back when I did. The server merge for me was good (though i had no name change required) and I don't suffer much with ques tho I'm glad there is the odd short wait as it means there is actually people on there.

I finally find it east to get the Heroics etc done cos there is people to help. The community in the most part on this game is fantastic, helpful and friendly so looks like most the whining kids have left.

They still claim to be working on the "huge" (as they put it) space project and the F2P model which for me is now an MMO requirement (tho they must get it right).

I love the game and it draws me back, i don't think you pump the money into F2P setup and a space upgrade if you have given up the game. Its an MMO, its fixable and its very young. The only ones who will destroy this game is the people leaving too early and not giving support for a game they wanted to succeed.
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