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Let's Take a Trip Down a Sinking Ship Memory Lane...

EA Investor Calls In early January, this game was reported to have sold more than 2mil copies and had 1.7mil subs (a number inflated by EA investor calls). Later in March or most likely April I believe, this game was reported by EA investor calls to have 1.3mil subs (more inflated numbers). Finally, on July 31st, 2012, EA investor calls revealed this game had over 500k subs but less than 1mil (very vague response). The July 31st investor call was made prior to the end of players' 6 month subs (it was really 8 months for those still subscribed because you received 1 "free" month after buying the game and 1 other "free" month after Game Update 1.2).


Game Updates The Rise of the Rakghouls Game Update was released on January 18, 2012—29 days after official release of SWTOR (36 days after day 1 of EGA). Not only that, this update was actually delayed for 24 hours! It FINISHED the unfinished 'Karagga's Palace' Operation and gave us a Tier 1 Flashpoint.

On April 12, 2012—87 DAYS after 1.1—Legacy was finally released. If I remember correctly, I remember this patch was somewhat of a flop since it disappointed a part of the community (this just partially sums it up). We FINALLY got a new Warzone, a TIER 2 Flashpoint known as 'Lost Island' and received the new Operation known as 'Explosive Content'—which was MISSING its Nightmare Mode difficulty and still is to this day. By the way, the Operation and WZ brought you a "new" planet called Denova, which is nothing more than a measly instance.


On June 26, 2012—68 DAYS after 1.2—Allies was finally released. We FINALLY got the Group Finder. The Group Finder was something that was, in my opinion, needed for this game. We also got some new Legacy perks, Adaptive Gear (something else the community really wanted), Augment Unlocks and finally... RATED WARZONES. RWZs were supposed to be in 1.2, but EAWare turned their back on us 24 hours before that patch hit live and told RWZs weren't going to be in 1.2.

Unfortunately, this patch was also more feature-heavy than it was content-heavy. So honestly, we really haven't really received much new content if you still want to count the RWZs (which are still stuck in its "Pre-season") and that lackluster Chevin Conglomerate World Event.


As for Terror From Beyond... (Coming Soon™ on September 26th) 90 DAYS after 1.3! This patch has taken the #1 spot as the patch with the lengthiest amount of time to be released from its predecessor. 90 days... and from analyzing what this patch will entail it's yet another feature-heavy patch just like 1.3.

I'm more of a PvP-oriented player and let me say this patch looks disappointing. The only content we get is 'Terror From Beyond' and I'm not even geared enough to do it. I play Operations but I play PvP a whole lot more, and even looking at what most of the community said about the new tier of gear it just sounds very disappointing.

We get some much needed Group Finder mechanic expansion, a few new facial emotes and a few Companion Customization options like we do with our characters. It just mirrors what 1.3 was and may be is in place to keep most of the players occupied until F2P hits...


Lack of Communication in July If you all remember, back in July the devs seemingly never responded or talked about anything. The only thing that kept their communication up was the Tomb of Freedom Nadd's chat always going down. Then on July 31st, 2012, the EA Investor Call announced the dreadful F2P announcement... which sparked an outcry by many forum-goers. In response to the outcry, CommunitySupport finally came back and swept up most of the "QQ/Hate threads".

Server Queues This is a big one, phew! Back when it was released, my god, pretty much every server had a queue from 5mins to like 1 or 2hrs! Outcry by the community got EAWare to create loads of other servers, which in turn backfired, and lead many of the players to create their own destination server—The Fatman—and left their original characters in limbo in their "dying" servers to go to that PvP server during the time EAWare didn't respond to the recommendation of server merges or character transfers.

Finally, somewhere in mid-June, EAWare implemented character transfers, created these "super-servers", and ultimately with these transfers crippled The Fatman server. Further players unsubscribing and not playing placed a dent on The Fatman server. Finally... Guild Wars 2. PvP servers were mainly affected, but overall the game was still bleeding out players.

On September 18, 2012, these mega-servers were created and merged several origin (and even destination servers like The Fatman) into populated destination servers. In the end, the APAC servers were highly ignored. This thread explains more on the situation at hand with the APAC community.

(Some) Last Words... As you can see with the current information I've provided about SWTOR's timeline about management and content/patch releases, I think this game is somewhat of a TORtanic. It deserves that moniker frankly because of how EAWare has been handling the game and how they tried to cater to too many crowds during pre-launch.

James Ohlen even said content would be rolling out monthly after 1.2, and now they're saying post-F2P we'll be getting something EVERY 6 weeks? For all we know, the first thing we'll get 6 weeks after F2P will be delayed just like patch 1.1 was or worst of all, just like RWZs were.

Many players are still complaining how this game still has bugs that haven't been fixed since launchand now 1.4 has multiplied the amount of bugs present in this game. It seems like EAWare is making its CURRENT paying player-base wait on F2P content because all they care about currently is their UPCOMING influx of new players. Their communication to the community is poor and when they do communicate, they answer questions without ACTUALLY answering them.

The docs of BioWare have retired, or so they say, so it seems like EA will be more in control of what BioWare does with this game.

The Force just isn't really strong with this game right now, and the Force in it will continue to diminish if EAWare keeps making poor management and business decisions with this game.