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Sorry if this is sort of a stupid question... new player here. Can we bring pvp gear to hard modes?
It depends on what type of PvP gear and what type of content:

1. HM Flashpoints in Recruit gear -- Can be done if you're a skilled player, but in a random group you won't get a lot of love as it is frowned upon.
2. HM FP in Battlemaster -- Much better gear and you should be fine. Anyone that would try and kick you from a HMFP due to BM gear isn't someone you want to group with anyway.
3. HM FP in War Hero -- You're 100% fine.
4. HM Operations (EV/KP) in Recruit gear -- Better be in a guild group with people who like you or you're ****ed.
5. HM Ops in Battlemaster -- Can be done, many will frown upon it and may not want you in their group.
6. HM Ops in War Hero -- I've brought WH players along to HM Ops and they did fine. Not everyone will agree with me, however. Many "purists" will figure that if you're good enough to do HM Ops, why don't you have any PvE gear anyway?