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09.17.2012 , 11:41 AM | #4
The OP's list is basically correct, from the viewpoint that the encounters were tuned for that level of gear.

However, I would say that only very skilled players can master the operation at that gear level (e.g. Tionese in Lost Island or Columi for NM EV)

The less skill one has, the more gear you'd need to master an operation. But the best gear in the game won't help you beat LR-5 if you don't interrupt incinerate, or beat the Infernal Council if they have a poor rotation, or kill Kephess if you don't handle the tank swap, etc. etc.

Order of importance (imo):

1. Learn to play your class well (if you're wearing black hole gear and can't kill your Infernal Council member, there's something wrong with your rotation)

2. Learn the mechanics of the fights.

3. Get better gear.