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After reading from Bioware that the new 1.4 Terror From Beyond story mode operation was tuned for full Columi groups, further proved by people who said it was too easy when they were over geared with rakata and campaign, I decided to make a list of what should be a reasonable gear requirement for all endgame content. This is based on loot drops so that when you do the instance, the drops are improvements to what you should have. Does this all seem reasonable? And yes I know some people will disagree and will kick people from groups since they want a quick EASY run, but this should keep people challenged in all instances instead of facerolling the instance. What you all think?

Recommended Gear Requirements:

Hard Mode Flashpoints:

Esseles,Black Talon, Taral V, Boarding Party, Malestrom Prison, Directive 7, The Battle of Ilum, The False Emperor (Fresh 50's)

Kaon Under Siege (SM/HM) (Fresh 50's)

Lost Island (SM) (Fresh 50's)

Lost Island (HM) (Tionese)


Eternity Vault (SM) (Fresh 50's / Tionese)

Eternity Vault (HM/NM) (Tionese/Columi)

Karagga's Palace (SM) (Fresh 50's / Tionese)

Karagga's Palace (HM/NM) (Tionese/Columi)

Explosive Conflict (SM) (Columi)

Explosive Conflict (HM/NM) (Rakata)

Terror From Beyond (SM) (Columi)

Terror From Beyond (HM) (Campaign)