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So...I'm leveling a LS Trooper and my Guild Leader on Empire Side is leveling a Dark Consular. We're nearing the end of Ch 1 on Alderaan.

After leveling 3 toons on Empire (and looking at the videos of the class story), I can say without reservation, that the Consular Story is such a terrible snooze fest that I exit all of his cut scenes. I can't hit "exit" quick enough. Worse yet, the DS Consular conversation choices are more cringe-worthy than anything the cartoonishly evil Inquisitor can select. I mean, the Inquisitor story after Ch 1 is a hot mess (multiple other threads on this point), but at least the conversations had me laughing pretty much non stop. Yes, you are Gargamel-crazy evil, and that's hilarious (see: "My Sith is a Jerk" on You Tube, Parts 1-8). But the DS Consular choices don't seem to make a whole lot of sense, and the Voice Actor doesn't even seem to try to make the DS choices sound credible. Just my opinion; some people really dig the story.

The upside is, everyone I've talked to who plays a Shadow really enjoys it at endgame. So, I suppose you can try pvp leveling and just wait until the last possible moment to finish class stories. I deleted my JC at lvl 14 to make room, and don't regret it. Enjoying the Trooper story so far.
It's that bad as DS JC?

However I think most of the Inquisitor's dark side choices make sense while the story is not impressing, I didn't really kill many people but still went quite high and got the title of Nox.