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Guild Name: Memories of Xendor
Guild Website:
Server: Prophecy of the Five - US East Coast PVP

A little about us:

Memories of Xendor is a guild dedicated to everything that is SW:ToR. We exist exclusively in this game, focusing on PVE and PVP endgame content, leveling, and fostering a fun and competitive environment for our players to enjoy their SW:ToR experience. We are diverse and respectful. We have existed since the day pre-launch went live and have been active in our server and the overall game community since, with no plans of stopping!

What makes your guild stand out?:

One of the biggest things about our guild is our focus on just that: being a guild! We are highly organized and motivated to make sure everyone gets what they need out of a guild both socially and from an in game perspective.

We have three distinct PVE raid groups that complete the content the game has to offer every week. We have a team committed to competing in Rated PvP. We make sure that even people who are just leveling or enjoying the lore of the game have a good environment to learn and to succeed. We want to enjoy every facet the game has to offer for the best overall experience.

We pride ourselves on not being "that elitist endgame guild". While we have many MMO and raid/competitive PVP veterans. However, many of our contributing members are first time MMO players. We work with everyone to make sure that we offer everything we can in the way of advice, help, and organization.

We are highly detail oriented. We have active rosters, crafting lists, how to write ups, video, crafting documents, etc. to help us organize. We've integrated our guild membership with social media such as Facebook to make sure that we are accessible and integrated in our guild members' every day life.

One reason you feel we should spotlight your guild:

In addition to creating a community for like minded gamers to come together, one of our goals at the outset was to provide tools to the rest of the SW:ToR community to use and make a contribution to the game we love as a whole. This led us to develop and test the MoX Parser that much of the community uses for real time raid data parsing:

Since its launch over 65,000 raid keys have been generated using our tool.

Anything else about your guild that you would like to add?:

If there was anything I wanted to stress about Memories of Xendor, it's our commitment to this game. We love this game, and we aren't leaving anytime soon. We've developed tools to help the community. We strive to set a good example for the community. We've participated when our feedback was welcomed, such as at the Guild Conference this past March. We hope to continue enjoying the game for years to come!
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