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I miss "Jump to Lightspeed" too. I may be in the minority opinion about the rest of the game no matter the era, vanilla, CU or NGE (come on, kung-fu poison-throwing doctors and magic diseased stone knives?!), but JTL was an incredible gem that the developers created under great pressure with an underoptimized engine and somehow it was still magnificent.

I miss the simple pleasure of looking out my ship's window, and seeing people docking and departing a space station... feeling that I was actually there, and not just facing some star-studded texture map outside my window.

The combat was great, especially the pvp... even if it was brutally short and harsh.

I quit for good well before the atmospheric flight stuff came out. I feel like I really missed out on something good was was something that should have been part of SWG sinse JTL first came out. SWG was able to support atmospheric flight the entire time. I loved how if you went high up enough, you got and auto pop up to go to one of the sectors for the space map for your system.

Atmospheric flight made mounts, etc useless though. It literally took me a few seconds to go across any planet. IT was fun zipping fast player cities, forests, mountains, etc. I loved flying in vallies / canyons! Then the new hunting via ship was neat.