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G'day all! I'm Teo, one of the hosts of the OotiniCast. This thread will be used to highlight our episodes; I'll bump it each time we publish a new one.

As a general introduction to our show: we aim for informative and accurate news coverage and commentary. We tend quite strongly towards the positive/optimistic, though we remain (we think) solidly grounded in reality. If you haven't listened to us before, I'd simply ask for you to give us a try.

We play on The Harbinger west coast PvE server, mainly Republic-side. Our guild is called Ootini Knights. More recently, we're spending time on the Imp side too (our Empire guild is Ootini Rage).

The various links to where to find us can be found on our site ( You can subscribe via iTunes, the Zune Marketplace, using our RSS directly, or listen via Stitcher. You can also find us on Twitter (@OotiniCast).

Our featured episode:

OotiniCast Episode 149

Chill interviews Courtney Woods, BioWare's Lead Community Coordinator for SWTOR.

Our latest episode:

OotiniCast Episode 151

We talk about the aftermath of double XP week, a bit of news, and the Sniper/Gunslinger Q&A. In our discussion, the topic is voice comms, where we examine the merits of Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrilo, and whether in-game voice could be a good idea.
Teo, co-host and producer of OotiniCast