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1. As a resource seller, someone pricing stacks 1 credit per unit lower than mine. If you are going to undercut me, undercut me!

2. People who place stacks on the GTN in stacks of 1, even worse people who put stacks of 1 that are undercutting me by 1 credit per unit. Just takes up space on the GTN and it's far more profitable in stacks of 20 or so. Putting 50 stacks of 1 with an average sale of 750 is 37,500 credits over 1-2 days. Just go out and run dallies for an hour and make more that.

3. Who are these fools that run around the GTN terminal in circles for an hour non stop? Do they have nothing better to do? Talk about annoying when you are trying to list 50 items 1-2 times a day!

Sorry, just had to get this off my chest

well for 1 the 1 credit per unit undercut is me people buy the lowest on and dont care about if it is 1 credit or 100 credits lower. so by doing just 1 credit keeps the prices as high as posible.

depends on what item some items people want stacks some the buy single. or per set amound needed for crafting 4 of these or 6 of those.

all kinds of people buyers/sellers usualy a lot of brokers the buy low sell high specialy cause the GTN dont take cuts at all.
Thing's used to be better in the old days.
Yea things where great no power stearing and double cluthing was a blast.