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We probably are on different servers. I have never seen anyone (or anyones if you list on multiple characters) listing around me in a discernable pattern.

Have eight characters and list on all of them (can move mats around for listing at will and sometimes do so).

Yesterday, I was looking ahead and found that I did not have a number of schematics (in purple) at an upcoming level for my wife's Gunslinger (cunning) and my Trooper (Aim), so I went into a three hour crafting frenzy and had three characters crafting (REing) and the others moving mats around and running gathering missions. So I ping ponged like crazy between eight characters and actually did some listings while doing so. Anyone who was trying to follow me through a FL would have had a breakdown.

I don't use the FL method (to each their own and we all do what works for us) because I would have to be on the character with the FL all of the time to see what is happening (or have the FL on all of my characters), the fact that a resource lister is on does not mean he/she is listing, and usually the preditory listers are not part of our community of resource sellers - rather people who pop up from nowhere from time to time.

When I want to list, I do not feel that it is productive to wait for someone else to tell me when by their actions. I review the listings in place at the time of my listing and list (or not) accordingly. I then monitor my listings (from time to time) to see what is happening. I don't sit on the GTN looking for underpriced mats, but I find that as a side benefit monitoring my listings (pretty diversified) brings them to my attention and I snap them up.
Well, all I sell are scavaging/archeology/bioanalysis items that I buy up low and re-sell at going rate. I list all on one character but if I build up an inordinate amount of one resource and it begins to take up too much room in my inventory I will transfer those resources to a different character to sell and thin out my reserves. Anymore than that I'm spend way too much time on the GTN.