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Crypto Garn is an old engineer. He lives on an old asteroid complex deep in the Unknown Regions, a secluded place where he finds peace and solitude. Garn escaped the Republic when he realized that certain policies and experiments he intended to perform were going to be made public.

Garn is a droid aficionado. He fixes them, modifies them, even builds them. The asteroid complex is swarming with droids, all with different roles. Protocol droids, probe droids, engineering droids, astromechs. They work to keep the complex running and give Garn some company.

Garn, since his exile, has been working on a new kind of droid, something he called the Synthetic Sentience Analog or SSA. Exactly what makes these droids so special is unknown, but it appears to be the reason for his exile. You are activated at the beginning of the game and given the model designation of SSA-09, or just Zero-Nine for short.

From the get-go you are confused. You're not sure what's going on, and your thoughts are cloudy. Garn, excited, treats you kindly and almost like a child. You are given your own quarters and sent forth to interact with the other droids. This is where most of your quests for the first 5 or 6 levels would come from; helping other droids with a certain air of innocence with things around the complex. Some of them like you, some of them don't much care for you ("Oh, look, it's the Creator's favorite datapad."), some of them are more autonomous and have no opinion of you. And then some droids are actually not under Garn's control, and so you have to fight them as you would any other enemies for the other classes. There is also the threat of mynocks and other space-traveling denizens to contend with. Maybe one quest has you use magnetic feet to travel up the side and top of the outside of the complex to kill mynocks trying to eat through the hull. You also befriend your first companion, a probe droid healer.

All of this is compounded with a few choice conversations with Garn, who spends a lot of time proclaiming how RIGHT he was and that you, the droid, are SO beautiful simply because you EXIST.

Around lvl 5 or 6 you start finding some weird things. Notes left over in old data terminals, bits and pieces of the outside world; maybe you successfully turn on the Holonet one day. You find out that, recently, a small freighter housing a family of nomads/workers had gone missing in the Unknown Regions. Soon you find a room with a few dead bodies in it, one of which is a teenager with the tag "#09" on him/her.

Eventually you approach Garn and confront him, and the truth is made horrifyingly clear. The SSA Program was meant to remove the weaknesses of biological life by implanting the minds of people into droid bodies. Originally the idea was for people who were dieing or otherwise needed to continue to live, but Garn's superiors deemed it inhuman and tried to shut him down. He fled to continue his work, capturing the crew of any ship that happened to wander through the area to experiment on. You are the only success he had, the only time when the mind was successfully transferred without the person/droid going insane or losing its free will. He is clearly beginning to lose his faculties, and decides that you have to be destroyed for being so smart (after all, he knows the process works now that you exist; he doesn't need you anymore). He flees the room as you fight the other SSA droids he summoned.

After destroying them all you rush to reach Garn, who in his crazed state set a self-destruct sequence for the entire complex, figuring if nothing else he can destroy you along with himself. You now get a Light Side option and two Dark Side options.

Light Side: Grab Garn and drag him to an escape pod/emergency shuttle and escape the facility with him. (150 pts)
Dark Side: Flee the facility and allow Garn to die in the explosion (only 50 pts)
Dark Side: Kill Garn before fleeing the facility (150 pts)

You now have a choice; travel to Coruscant or Dromund Kas, which will decide whether you join the Empire or the Republic. If you choose the Republic you are treated with pity by most of the populace, and if you saved Garn he is arrested. If you choose the Empire you are seen as a monster by most, though you will have your uses, and if you saved Garn he is put to work in a lab by a Sith Lord.

From here you help to fight against the opposing faction, but all the while deal with knowing what you are. Perhaps you start getting intermittent flashes of your old life which, in turn, give you quest points (like "Omg, I just remembered that time we saw a bunch of Sith heading for (insert random planet here) with a giant doom weapon.")
hmm...something like that could work extremely well. on dromund kaas theres a quest where something similar happens to a squad of sith troopers, so its obviously plausible in the star wars universe. hell yeah i like this idea. it sounds better and more like my favorite story/class every second i think about it!
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