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Oddly, I've run into the opposite problem on my server (BC). I'll list a stack of something for 3,000 credits, come back the next morning and see that three other people have listed the same size stack of the same item ... for 3,000 credits. At this point I feel uncomfortable lowering my price, since they were polite enough to not undercut me overnight. In every other MMO the market was like you mentioned: ruthless undercutting by some token amount (one copper piece, etc) until the price slowly lowers a substantial amount, at which point everyone selling loses considerable amounts of money on bulk sales. Is my server just unusually cooperative on the GTN, or is not bottoming out the price of goods a common thing here in SWTOR? Either way, I'm pleasantly surprised!

Oh dear, I'm guess I'm one of those people. Selling smaller stacks of Crew materials make sense in the lower level markets (I'm a shiny new character, so I can't exactly gather top-notch goods). When I first looked at the GTN for some Biotech supplies, I found that I could easily afford a few units of the stuff (about 25c/each), but all the stacks were near 99 units - way out of what a starting player could afford at once. Once I made it past tier 1 supplies I started selling off the extras, in stacks of 1, 5, 10, and 25. My stacks of 10 and 25 have rarely sold, and usually just get re-listed one at a time. I can see how 50 stacks of 1 unit each could be annoying to search through, but there's always going to be a market for people who are "just one short" of whatever they need. Why not scoop up those sales, rather than leaving them high and dry - and missing out on the money?

Probably the same upstanding, flawless citizens who park their stupid stinkin' speeders on top the of mailbox. Grrrr. I couldn't agree with you more on this point!
I just think stacks of 1 are just a waste of time. In the time it takes to sell 50 stacks of 1 I can sell 2 stacks of 20 and make more.

I've gotten to the point where I do not have to gather my own material but just buy up all the underpriced mats people put up because they do not know how to research the going rate. Doing this allows me to place stacks of material of 20-32 for an average of 23k times 50 for 12 hours. On average during that 12 hours I sell 30 of those 50 stacks and make around 700k per 12 hour period. Alot more efficient than making 16k putting up stacks of 1.

Unless you like being generous helping others out with small stacks, but it takes the same amount of time putting 50 stacks of 20 or 50 stacks of 1 which is not worth my time.