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No, it should not drop more loot. If that were possible, you can run it every day and get most of your rakata.
Since Rakata is almost pointless with BH -> Columi/Tionese mods swap and about 50 BH comms a week...

I'll pass on the "super easy FP, really" from guys obviously doing it with largely overgeared characters. I've done it with my heal merc (almost full WH with highest primary stat BM implants + half augmented pieces + reflex stim), and with more than decent stats I had a really hard time keeping a 24k hp PT tank, a 24k hp sniper and a 18k hp sorc alive, so all of us had better than required gear if a Columi/Rakata combo isn't.

In fact, all of the PvE encounters drop lesser quality items than what they should and it's been partially upgraded already, with some high level story mode FPs looting Tionese, as they should have from start instead of crappy ilvl 50-51 blue modded orange shells.