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Hate to rain on anyone's QQ here but Exotech stims, until recently, were rare drops in OPs. That being said, before they became available to everyone with 25 BH comms, I not only made credits off of selling them on the GTN, I sold them for cheap because I had the surplus of materials being that the schematics were rare and I didn't use the paste for much of anything other than those. How rare you ask? I ran raids weekly since pretty much the beginning and only saw the Exotech Might Stims drop one time, I don't even have a warrior. This was one of the only times I saw any exotech stims drop. From what I remember they used to drop on Normal KP/EV, more commonly known as Story Mode I had seen others drop here and there but then you have to /roll to win it, which doesn't always happen. Again that is why I am calling it a rare drop.

To me the issue stims, play on words there but totally unintentional , from them being released to EVERYONE at once. People burned through their stored mats and now that they have been available since 1.3, people are complaining that they are too costly to make. Could it be because the value of finding them even available has all but diminished? See BW added them for everyone but didn't spoon feed the mats through their Diplomacy missions, maybe if this thread continues you can get exactly that. Maybe they will allow the buying of mats with cartell coins?

This makes me laugh, I just can't help it. Of course they are semi-costly, they USED to be an "epic" drop, now they are given to everyone holding 25 BH comms and people started pumping them out left and right for friends, credits, raid groups etc.. This is the trend of releasing things to people for comms or whatever currency rather than putting it out there for people to actually "achieve". This is just my point of view but the day they released the stims to everyone their value went down and their demand went up because they are available constantly and now people can't keep up with making them....
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