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Actually, I'd say that's fairly important. If SGRs are implemented, you can bet that BioWare will receive some flak over it. Thus if they receive flak for adding them, but no flak for leaving them out (i.e. supporters of SGR are quiet) then the choice to leave them out becomes easier.
I wholly agree with what you're saying. We definitely can't just sit back and say "It'll happen eventually," we need to be sure BioWare still knows it has subscribers who want this feature. However, everything we've heard from BioWare indicates that SGRs are still coming, and they've specifically said that negative press won't keep SGRs from being implemented.

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But yes, that was what I was trying to's all about the context. I haven't played a JK yet, but the Consular takes a fairly guarded/cautious route with the relationship and it feels less about passion and more about bonding, and challenging the Jedi code's stance on relationships. There's certainly talk about the danger of attachment and all that, though I can't remember the specifics. But you're right,, it seems like cherry picking to some degree.
I haven't played a JC to the point where you meet Nadia, but I have played a JK to 24, and at that point, there's some Kira-specific stuff in the class missions. I couldn't flirt with her since my JK is female, but the missions really make it seem like Kira and the JK are forming an attachment, going against the Jedi code. It's quite possible the romances were designed to be contrasts to each other, challenging the Jedi stance on relationships vs. deliberately flouting it.

I know BW said they're not just going to rewrite the relationships with the gender changed for SGRs, but if Nadia and Kira are both SGR options, I do hope these aspects aren't changed. Now that I think about it, this is all stuff I saw with a female JK, so it should still be there, though I know one dialogue I did with Kira is different for a male. But we shall see.