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I may be off-base but I think that the point being made was the 'framework' per se isn't related to Tivva accepting, nor does it even really have anything to do with Tivva. Instead I think it's related directly to the fact that the female Sith Warrior is implied (if you choose that option) to have interest in other females (which theoretically is the case irrespective of Tivva's or Vette's opinions on the matter). That implication is free of unfortunate...ness, it's simply the context it's placed within that (probably intentionally) makes it a bit wrong.
The most worrying thing is the SW can decide not to take "no" for an answer, and pushes the issue. Now, whether that's a "just messing with you" thing or a serious inquiry thing is up to each individual player to decide from the tone of the SW's VA.

But having looked at the male version of the scene... well, that's got the same deal (he can push on the "no couples" part - though she still tells him "no women"). So yeah, ok, I went off half cocked. Don't mind me, I'll just sit over here and shut up now. (Crazy SWTOR player channel turned to mute.)
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