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Quote: Originally Posted by BrandonSM View Post
This thread isn't Top 10 of Characters you like, its Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Canon.
Then perhaps i did not clarify my post.
I used Caedus as an example, but my main problem is the near retarded levels of power creep that pushed along the series.
It essentially means the top 5 are without a doubt New Jedi Order(as they are the most recent written and have such random accomplishments like killing a near god of the force, etc) while everyone else trickles downward and back to older novels.

This power creep has made things unbearable. Combined with Lucas and his "you cant kill Luke" setup, means such things tend to follow a trend i do not find favor with anymore. The most powerful anything is just going to be the most recently written hero of the series. Jacen was Uber, then he died, and suddenly Luke had to go kill himself a dark side god/powerhouse so now hes top dog again(and i suppose Krayt now is the strongest darkside user?).