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Seeing so much Caedus mention only reminds me how much i hated the terrible power creep of the later series.
It was almost like they couldnt figure out a way to make him a good character, so they just started throwing powers on him to see what stuck.
Walk through time, yeah sure why not. Shatterpoint? Didnt we establish that was rare and innate? Nope, screw it he can do that too.
Self healing, makes himself invisible in the force, can beat up well established characters out of nowhere.

Seriously, re-reading and looking over Jacens list is like reading a very bad star wars fanfic mary sue out of control. Like roleplaying with someone who keeps trying to one up everything else.
"Yeah...well...he can make himself invisible in the force so they cant sense him."
"ok, but when they get into a fight Mara will give him trouble since she is a trained and vicious combatant..."
"Nope, i kill her. Then i beat up Master Luke for a bit...also im so dark and no one understands me"
" going home"

Given this power creep has only gotten worse and is not relegated soley to him. But he was the worst offender and had me stop reading the series. Silly New Jedi Order...
This thread isn't Top 10 of Characters you like, its Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Canon.
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